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Location filming of Cranford Chronicles -- Wiltshire Life -- July 2007 Issue         

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 2007 Events Calendar

  Jan     10  Audience with Dame Judi -- Stratford
  Jan     14  CBS Sunday Morning Segment
  Jan     15  Golden Globe Awards -- NOAS
  Jan     28  SAG Awards -- NOAS

  Feb      4

 "The Seven Words" Benefit

  Feb     10

 Merry Wives -- Final Performance
  Feb     11  BAFTA Awards -- NOAS
  Feb     12  Berlin Film Festival -- NOAS
  Feb     23  NFA National Doodle Day Auction
  Feb     25  79th Academy Awards -- NOAS
  Mar    27  DJD DVD Special Collection Released
  Apr    29  RSC Open Day -- Stratford
  July    12  Dame Judi Tribute - Winchester Festival
  Oct     28  Doyle Charity Benefit - London
  Dec    15  Parkinson Show -- ITV -- UK

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